Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trust your doctor?

I went this past week for my 6 month check up at my dermatologist. The last time I went, she removed a spot that came back with pre-cancerous cells in it. This is usually the norm for me. I think this might have made her a little more cautious than normal. So I had these other red spots that weren't going away. I have probably had them for a couple of months at least. I showed them to her expecting her to give me something to rub on them....instead she was suspicious of them. Since they had been there so long and were not getting any better, she wanted to remove them to find out what they are. I was reluctant because I thought something had just bitten me and I was healing differently with pregnancy. I even told her this but she kept looking at them and said that she would like to remove at least one of them to find out what it is. So I trusted my doctor and let her remove one of the spots.

After a lot of blooding, I now have three stitches in my arm! My arm is also bruised, irritated and itching! I should have questioned her more on her reasoning behind removing the spot, but I trusted my doctor! I did not show her these spots for her to remove them; I showed them to her to see if she had some medication to put on them. But I now have stitches in a very bad spot on my arm that are driving me crazy! To make things worse, my doctor called me yesterday to tell me the pathologist results. Guess what it was............................
a severe reaction to a bug bite!!!! REALLY I have stitches from a bug bite?????? I am not happy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Growing belly of mine!

Some say I should hide you, fully covered! But I am proud of you! Should I wear a bikini to show you off or should I keep you hidden to myself? I am all for showing you off!

I catch a glimpse of you as I walk past a mirror and I am shocked. Is that me? Somehow in my mind, it seems as though you should still be flat and not hold another life inside of you. But there you are, getting bigger each day that passes and I just can’t get enough of you.

I hold you in my hands and look at you in awe. You mark the growth of our first child, a baby girl. I gladly take all the fat jokes and smile proudly when someone calls me prego.

Each morning and night I massage you with creams to help you stretch, and keep stretching! You are so beautiful, my growing and round belly!

I finally get to adorn you in maternity clothes…some that have been in my closet for YEARS! I feel something move inside of you and I smile at the miracle that you are carrying, silently thanking God!

I know that this is just a brief moment in time and I am cherishing each and every second of this growing belly of mine!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Lately I feel like my life is crazy and I don't have any time to relax! I am ready for the exterior of our house to be finished...getting closer every day! I have narrowed down some of my big selections, but I still have not made a decision on a bed! Here is a sneak peek of the first purchase made for the little girls room! I am doing a vintage theme with mix matched furniture! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

I still need to find an antique armoire/wardrobe that is not expensive, a bed, a rocker and all the other necessities for a nursery! I could not find any bedding that I liked, but I did find some fabric. So my mom is making my bedding and I can't wait to see the finished product! What are your thoughts on bumper pads? I have read the positive and negatives to using them.

I get a little overwhelmed when I have to make all these decisions at once and feel like I am being pressured to make them fast. I am trying to just remind myself that I have time and there is no need to rush...it will get it finished. I am not gripping though...I am loving doing this and creating a nursery for our baby girl!

Oh, by the way, any girl name suggestions? We have one name that we like but it would be nice to have some other options! We like unusual names!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's A Baby.....

To both of us it didn't matter what we were having, but we are excited to welcome a baby girl into our family! We both were sure that it was a boy and for some reason I was shocked to find out that is was a girl! Like I said it did not matter if it was a boy or girl and now the planning begins! I am overwhelmed right now with all the decisions that I have to make now. I have to design a nursery, find furniture, find bedding, pick out what I am going to register for and so much more!!!! I have been looking at bedding but can't seem to find anything I like. Then there are the decisions on what car seat and stroller do I want? I need help!!!! This past weekend my mom helped me clean out and rearrange some furniture in our house, but we have so much more to do!!! Marcus has been very busy the past few months working on the exterior of the house and I know he will be happy to be finished with that, but it seems like the list of things to do keep growing!

I need some expert opinions:
1. Where is a good place to look for bedding? I have looked online and everything for a girl nursery is too girly for me! I am leaning towards turquoise!
2. I think we are going to Houston to look at some stuff...where are some places that we should go look?
3. What car seat and stroller do you like or what do you have and not like?
4. If I buy a regular dresser that is not baby furniture, will the contoured changing pad work on top of it?

Can you tell that I have too many thoughts going through my head to sort all of this out! I am overwhelmed and need help! I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all of this stuff! You would think that I had plenty of time to look and think about this but when you are going through infertility it is hard to plan for something that you thought you might never get! So if you have experience please share your knowledge with me! I want the best for this little girl!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whats been going on!

It seems like our life is always busy and no time to blog, so here are a few updates on what is going on these days:

Marcus is still working on the exterior of the house. We are all ready for this to be finished and I know he is really ready!!! Hopefully it will get painted this weekend...that is the plan at least!
This weekend is our 6 year anniversary!!! We are planning on going to eat at a nice restaurant to celebrate!

We went on a last minute vacation to Gulf Shores for the long weekend. It was a very nice, relaxing get-a-way!!! I just wish we could have stayed longer. The beach was beautiful with no tar or tar balls!

Over the weekend Marcus was able to feel the baby kick for the first time!!! This baby can kick! I love watching the baby move all around in my stomach! I didn't think I would be able to experience these things so early in the pregnancy, since a lot of people told me that I probably would not feel the baby move until 20 weeks.

Today we get to see our baby again!!! I am very excited and hopefully we will find out what we are having...that is if Baby Kyler cooperates! It will be fun to be able to start planning a nursery and come up with a name. To me it really does not matter what we are having...no preference towards one or the other! I just pray for a healthy baby to spoil and love on!!!