Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trust your doctor?

I went this past week for my 6 month check up at my dermatologist. The last time I went, she removed a spot that came back with pre-cancerous cells in it. This is usually the norm for me. I think this might have made her a little more cautious than normal. So I had these other red spots that weren't going away. I have probably had them for a couple of months at least. I showed them to her expecting her to give me something to rub on them....instead she was suspicious of them. Since they had been there so long and were not getting any better, she wanted to remove them to find out what they are. I was reluctant because I thought something had just bitten me and I was healing differently with pregnancy. I even told her this but she kept looking at them and said that she would like to remove at least one of them to find out what it is. So I trusted my doctor and let her remove one of the spots.

After a lot of blooding, I now have three stitches in my arm! My arm is also bruised, irritated and itching! I should have questioned her more on her reasoning behind removing the spot, but I trusted my doctor! I did not show her these spots for her to remove them; I showed them to her to see if she had some medication to put on them. But I now have stitches in a very bad spot on my arm that are driving me crazy! To make things worse, my doctor called me yesterday to tell me the pathologist results. Guess what it was............................
a severe reaction to a bug bite!!!! REALLY I have stitches from a bug bite?????? I am not happy!!!


Hollie said...

Oh no! That looks really bad. But we do all tend to trust our dr. Maybe better to be on the safe side?

Michael Paine said...

Holy Cow! I would be ticked! She should know the difference in a bug bite and skin cancer. I hope you heal up fast. I am sooo sorry you had to go through that.