Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We are so overwhelmed with baby registries!!! We went this past weekend to a couple of stores to register at and the first store was fun. It was a little baby boutique and mainly just one of a kind items and not many decisions had to be made. Then we went to the BIG baby store and were overwhelmed!!! I guess I should have been more organized, but my life seems so crazy right now. I need help making some decisions!!! There are so many choices to make….bottles, breast pumps, supplies for breast pumps, supplies for bottles, swings, bouncers, sheets (how many do I need), bath supplies, clothing (prob don’t need help on this), grooming stuff, and the list could go on forever!!!

What are your favorite brands?

Which breast pump do you recommend?

What are some key registry items?

How many bottles, sheets, and anything else that I am not thinking of, do I need?

Marcus and I were so overwhelmed when we left the store and it didn’t help that the store didn’t have a lot of things that I really liked! Mothers out there….please help me out!!!!