Saturday, April 30, 2011

We have an answer!

I finally got an answer as to what has been going on with my arm!!! I think everyone was questioning my dermatologist, but I knew all along my arm just was not right. Soooo I kept going back to her and after she cut my arm open and took the entire thing out....we finally have an answer!!!! Here is a description as to what it was...

Pyogenic Granuloma is a disease described as little ugly bump like of skin tissues. It seems that raw meat pieces coming out of skin. It is a benign type vascular lesion of the skin whose cause is not known. The surface Pyogenic Granulomas has a raspberry like or we can say raw meat like look. They disease can cause severe problems of discomfort and profuse bleeding. It can happen to adults as well as children. More females are affected than males. During the first three to four months of pregnancy it happen to pregnant mothers. The growth of skin is highly inflamed and red. Sometime some lacerations are found on the meaty skin bump. Our face and feet are generally affected by these bumps. Even just slight even movement or contact causes bleeding in it. We are not able to find exact cause that causes it. But it has seen that skin disease is caused by some skin disorder or injury .It grows very fast and rapidly after some days of injury and grows to half an inch size.

I am just glad that it is on my arm and not my face!!! So now treatment continues and I am comfortable with everything we are doing to treat it. I will be on meds for the next 6 weeks and I have double checked with my dermatologist and also Maielle's doctor that it is okay for me to take the meds and breastfeed! Everyone is comfortable so we continue on with treatment and a cure!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak of Maielle's 6 month pictures! I can't wait to see them all!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


So my life is filled with issues these days!

So Maielle was sleeping through the night and it seems like every time I brag on her she decides that she is going to go back to waking up every three hours! This has been a bad week on soooo many levels. I don't know what to do? When she does wake up she will not go back to sleep unless I BF her. I know that I should not do this but this is the problem that we have. If Marcus tries to put her back to sleep, she screams because she knows she is not going to get fed! We have thrown back and forth the cry it out method, but I know that this will cause even less sleep than what I am getting. She has soothed her self back to sleep several times, so I know she knows how to. And how do I know that she is not waking because she doesn't feel good or something else is wrong...and making her cry it out just seems cruel to me???? Can you tell that I have over thought this sleep problem we have?!?!? She could be teething because she shows all the signs of teething but nothing has popped through yet and by now something should have come through! So here we parents...figuring things out as they come...trying to do the best for our little girl! Any advice is welcomed because I know there are a lot of you out there that have been there, done that!!!!

On top of our sleep issues is this problem with my arm!!!! If you follow me on Twitter then you know everything that I have been going through with this! I had to go back to the dermatologist on Monday to finally get it cut out! We have been trying to treat this for a year now and it was not getting any better so she had to finally cut the entire area out! If I had known how bad this was going to be, I would have put it off until I would have more help (my mom just had surgery so she is not able to help me out). I am not suppose to use my right arm, which is very difficult working and just every day living! Throw in a 6mth old to the mix and that makes it even more difficult! Maielle has been spending a lot of time with her Great Grandmother, Mimi! Then on Tuesday evening my arm started swelling, itching and was very hot! So I was back at the doctor Wednesday morning diagnosed with a skin infection! So I am now trying to heal a 2" cut in my arm and a skin infection! It is much better after just one day of antibiotics.

I started Maielle on solids a couple weeks ago, because she was showing all signs of being ready. So at 5 1/2 months she started eating some solids! I started with pears, since she had such a problem with rice cereal. So our other issue is that she is still not going to the bathroom like she should. I started with pears because they should be good for constipation. So far she has tried pears, bananas, & avocado. She loves them all, but it was funny at the beginning getting her use to solids. Here are a few pictures from her first taste of solids!


Other issues to come later on...
Having a regular quiet time with a baby and sleep deprivation
Facing the guy in court that held my dad and I up at gunpoint
Selling our house and moving