Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We are so overwhelmed with baby registries!!! We went this past weekend to a couple of stores to register at and the first store was fun. It was a little baby boutique and mainly just one of a kind items and not many decisions had to be made. Then we went to the BIG baby store and were overwhelmed!!! I guess I should have been more organized, but my life seems so crazy right now. I need help making some decisions!!! There are so many choices to make….bottles, breast pumps, supplies for breast pumps, supplies for bottles, swings, bouncers, sheets (how many do I need), bath supplies, clothing (prob don’t need help on this), grooming stuff, and the list could go on forever!!!

What are your favorite brands?

Which breast pump do you recommend?

What are some key registry items?

How many bottles, sheets, and anything else that I am not thinking of, do I need?

Marcus and I were so overwhelmed when we left the store and it didn’t help that the store didn’t have a lot of things that I really liked! Mothers out there….please help me out!!!!


Hollie said...

I like my medela pump in style.

For bottles, don't buy too many of one kind. You never know which kind your baby will like.

Don't worry about registering for clothes, blankets, toys, bath supplies, grooming stuff. People will get you tons of those.

I would say 3 sheets, the accessory set for your breast pump, some bottle sets, your swing, bouncer, baby mat/gym. Those are important things. Maybe a diaper bag or two, burp clothes, wash rags, towels.

Try to read reviews online about the big items to find out which ones people like. And you can always go back to the store to put more things on your registry. And you can manage it online if you change your mind on things.

Jessica said...

when it comes to the bigger items, I agree with Hollie about reading the reviews. Sometimes items can look so cute or useful, and then they turn out to be a bummer.

3 sheets atleast, 4 to be on the safe side...just incase your baby spits up alot or is a heavy wetter. Luke leaked through his clothes almost every night(no matter what kind of diapers I used), and Kellen spits up alot.
And I would get two mattress covers.

I prefer a manual pump to an electric pump(I might be the only one that says that though, so just take it with a grain of salt. haha). I can get much more milk MUCH faster with a manual pump. The only con is the fact that it is manual. I don't mind though because it is so much faster.

If you are planning to exclusively breastfeed, I would get two 4 oz bottles and two 8oz bottles. You can always get more later if you need them. If you are exclusively breastfeeding you might hardly ever use them.

I agree about not needing to register for many clothes, blankets, toys, or bath supplies. You seriously will get tons of that stuff.

My can't-do-without items are:
nursing cover,
baby wrap(I can make you one if you want. I know that space is an issue for ya'll and it folds up small.) I LOVE baby wearing and I seriously don't know what i'd do without my wrap, but i understand that it's not for everyone.
those little mesh self feeder things that you got me when I was pregnant with ray.
baby bath tub that fits down in the sink.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

Jennifer said...

Medella is the best breast pump...whether you get manual or automatic...it's the best. You will need breastmilk storage bags if you plan to store milk and some breast pads (make your decision on whether you want re-usable ones or disposable ones...I've used both and either way is good). I don't use bottles but if you want those I hear the Dr. Brown's bottles are the best (but sort of expensive). As far as crib sheets...I don't think you can have too many. I have like 3 or 4 and usually have to change them pretty frequently. You may need several if you don't plan to do laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY..LOL.

As far as the other little things that Hollie mentioned are things that people will get you without you even asking. Just look around and find out the stuff you like the best and register for those.

Most of all remember this....this is your baby and you do what you want. Whatever you want is what you should get..lol.

Alison said...

I know it is overwhelming, but just try to enjoy. Parenting is the HARDEST thing you will ever do so you have to learn not to worry too much about the little stuff. I would suggest definitely getting a Medela pump. They are expensive, but I bought mine second-hand. You can sterilize them and they work fine. I think a Bumbo seat and a Bobby pillow are musts. I also could not have lived those first few weeks without my nipple shield. It's a clear plastic cover for your breast that helps the baby to latch on. I liked my mirror for the car so that I could see Mack's face when she had to face the back in her car seat too. They have some with little remote lights so that you can see the baby at night when it is dark in the car. I am praying for you & Marcus during this exciting (and stressful :)) time. Love you!

Theresa Walker said...

I agree that medela pumps are the best, and if you are interested in a second-hand one, I have the Pump-in-style that I am ready to sell.

I know you already understand that things don't always turn out the way you want them, so don't beat yourself up if breastfeeding doesn't work for you. I felt like a complete failure (esp. after I had to have a c-section), and then I didn't produce near enough breastmilk for my babies, and had to start using formula even while we were in the hospital.

But, I digress. Anyway...I've used Avent bottles for both kiddos, and they work great. The only downside I've heard about the Dr. Brown is that there are so many pieces inside to get clean.

I would recommend getting a bouncer-type seat since your baby might like sleeping slightly upright for a while (we have the Fisher Price one that turns into a rocking chair for toddlers).

I also couldn't do without my Diaper Genie (this is the brand that you can use your own bags for instead of buying the expensive refills...I use my Target bags in ours). Seems to keep the smell in really well!

I would also register for a couple of changing-table-covers...babies pee a lot, and they will surprise you when their diapers are open (yes, even girls will do that too!).

Okay...my last favorite thing is our bath chair (Summer brand that you can find at Babies R Us) that folds up and stores nicely, but it sits down in the bathtub. We used it from the beginning with both kiddos, and since we've moved several times, I'm glad we didn't buy anything that took a lot of space.

I guess the last thing I would say is that if something doesn't work for you, there's usually another brand, so just try it out (for example, I like Pampers diapers, but I like Huggies wipes best). And, go ahead and register for things you'll use later like kids' tablewear/cups, etc.

Can't wait to meet this baby...just enjoy everything, and know that it will all work out!!!