Tuesday, October 19, 2010

End Date

I just got back from the doctor and I am dilated to almost 2 cm. Baby girls head is now engaged and everything is progressing! I have stayed home from work the past 2 days because my feet are swelling very bad and they seemed to be getting worse. Today at my appointment my doctor didn't seem as worried about my feet as I thought he was going to be, so I am going back to work half a day until Baby girl makes her arrival. I am praying that baby girl will decide to come within the next few days because if nothing happens by Monday, then most likely I will be induced on Monday. I really don't want to be induced because my birth plan is going to try and go all natural. I am keeping all options open though and will try and keep an open mind! Any suggestions on if I do have to have an induction and opinions on pain meds???? Baby girl has 5 days to get moving and I am going to try all the old wives tales to get her out before Monday! If you want to keep up with us and baby girl, I will be tweeting any changes and updating along the way!


kranberry216 said...

I'm a friend of Theresa's, and I've been following your blog for a while now. I even asked her yesterday if she's heard from you because you hadn't posted in a while! I had to be induced with both of my children. The pitocin is not easy to handle, and intensifies labor. BUT, I had an epidural both times, which are fabulous - I delivered my son, had to have a c after 12 hours of labor with my daughter. If you can't follow your plan, don't stress - remember the goal is a safe, healthy baby and momma, no matter what measures you have to take!! God bless!!

Hollie said...

I had the same situation with an end date and induction planned. Lucky for me, I went into labor, but because of a medicine I needed for blood pressure, I had to get pitocin, which is horrible. It makes contractions worse. You might want pain medicine if you have to be induced. Like, you said, you are keeping your options open.

Mom2Mcube said...

Pitocin does make for some rough contractions. I was induced with all 3 of mine because they were rather large. I had to have the epidural due to a heart condition. Do whatever makes you the most comfortable. In my opinion, the goal should be an enjoyable experience and safe delivery. I felt I was able to enjoy labor and delivery because I was not in so much pain. That being said, everyone has their own opinion. Just remember to keep your options open... Good luck!!!!