Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Vacation

Here are a few pictures from our vacation this year at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Best vacation ever for relaxation!!!!! Our Swim-up Suites (best rooms ever!)
Yes, they had Guitar Hero in Mexico!

Speed Chess (only 2 secs per move)

Of course the guys had to go play golf
(We went to the spa on this day)

Our favorite spot!


sweet jenn said...

I am so glad you guys have this blog. I know in my blog I find it easier to type out my feelings and leave it on my blog than to actually speak it to someone's face. It's therapeutic somehow. Know that I pray for you guys every day. Your blessing is on the way...don't lose heart. Ryan and I are incredibly blessed to call you our frinds.

Birthday Buddy said...

I love the vacation pictures! I heard that you have a beautiful video too. I can't wait to see it. Love you both and praying hard, Aunt Jeanine

Michael Paine said...

This looks like somewhere I would like to be NOW! How fun and beautiful. I keep telling Bryan I want to go to an all inclusive resort someday. Maybe our tenth anniversary LOL. :) Thanks for starting this blog and sharing your journey with us. I will commit to pray for you and Marcus as you hope for your little one to come. Thanks.