Friday, June 5, 2009

My Love:

Today is our 5th Anniversary!!!!

Wow, the things we have gone through in the little 5 years we have been married. In some ways I would love to change the past two+ years, but in other ways it has made me a better person and my marriage stronger!!!

My husband:

is my best friend

makes me laugh

dreams with me

is my favorite person to spend a lazy day with

loves to cook and is good at it

is a late night eater

is strong willed

loves the outdoors

loves me more than I could have ever imagined

is my strength

makes a bad day disappear with just a hug

Will one day make an EXCELLANT FATHER!!!

I love this man for who he is and for who he makes me strive to be!

Our marriage has endured the hardships of infertility and rather than breaking us apart it has strengthen our marriage more than we could've ever imagined!


Michael Paine said...

congratulations...u guys are a perfectly beautiful couple!

Jessica said...

happy anniversary! Ya'll are perfect for each other!

The Dorns said...
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The Dorns said...

Awwwwww Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a romantic day together and realized hoe special it is to meet each milestone in life togethor as a couple.

At our church we took a marriage class and they said most people divorce by two years and if a coupe makes it to five years then they have all the tools , techniques to make it a forever marriage. So to both of you I say enjoy your life and live each moment for each other, you made it. =)

Teresa said...

That was so sweet. Happy Anniversay!

sweet jenn said...

this is a pefectly beautiful post. thanks for sharing your heart. CONGRATS to both of are precious friends...