Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Stitches for Me!!!!

I went yesterday for my 6 month check up at the dermatologist. There has not been an appointment yet that I have not had to get something removed to check out. But it finally happened...she did not remove anything!!!! There are several spots that she marked and we will keep a close eye on, but nothing removed!!!! Can you tell that I am ecstatic???? I am going to Galveston for an over night trip on Friday with my husband and then leaving Sunday for a girls trip to Gulf Shores and really did not want to have to mess with stitches. Soooo I can now just enjoy my trips without the worry of not getting stitched wet and having to remove them myself on vacation. Woooohooo for no stitches!!!!!


sweet jenn said...

Good for you!!! Hope your vacation(s) are fabulous. You deserve a nice little get-away. Have Fun!!

sweet jenn said...

I am missing you...hope you are having a blast on your vacation!!