Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who I Am!

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work yesterday and they asked the question, Who are we or to make it more personal, Who am I? Who are we other than just general information, like our name? What encompasses who we are? I think this is a hard question to answer and requires an unending amount of thought. Well, I am going to try and answer this question to give you a deeper look at...
Who I Am!

I am throw your head back and have a good much as possible!!!!

I am a child of God!

A devoted wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend

I love spending time with family and friends

A lover of the arts...I love studying art, going to museums, creating art (even though it might not be any good), and seeing plays

Lover of music and dancing...just don't have rhythm and can't sing

Curly haired girl that spends hours straightening it

I have a degree in Interior Design, but I do not practice professionally

I work for family

Blog and tweet when having a slow day at work or just whenever something pops in my head

I love taking trips

Hate taking naps...almost always guaranteed to wake up in a bad mood

Needer of sleep...prefer 8 hours a night (I know this will change when a baby comes in the picture)

Love playing games

Love fashion and buying shoes

I love the outdoors...hiking, backpacking, picnicking, the beach, the woods...just being outside!

Former anal retentive person and have learned to let some things go...with the help of my husband

Played sports throughout High School...volleyball and softball

Love fixing up old homes and would love to flip homes for a living




Strong willed


Struggling, fighting, changing with Infertility

*Not a complete list but hopefully this will give you a better idea of Who I AM!

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