Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancing with the BIGGEST smile on my face!

I just got the call!!!! My surgery has been approved!!!! The 2 month wait was not as bad as I thought as I prayed for peace and patience......boy, did I get it!!!! Now we are one step closer to finding out some information. I now am praying to be able to handle whatever information comes out of this surgery....good or bad....I will still praise the ONE who has got me to this point!!!! Never thought that I would be soooo happy to have surgery but this is where we are. I know that God has his hand on this and will take care of us through it all!!!! Praising God today for the small things!!!!

On Monday I will set everything up and schedule the surgery so I will let you all know a date to be praying for!!!!

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Alison said...

I am dancing and smiling with you :) Praise the Lord! I am already praying for the doctor's and for the surgery and for the next step! I love ya!