Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Friday was a very long day for me and also the people that were with me. We got to the hospital at 11:00 registered/checked in. They called me back to get some blood work, which I was hoping an IV would get started at this time since I have blood sugar issues and it was now after lunch with no food, but no IV. More waiting and they finally called me back to get my IV started and more waiting. I believe this was at about 1:00 and my surgery wasn't supposed to be until 3:00 (which it was actually at 4:00), so I got to lie in the corner of Pre-op for 3 hours with nothing to do. Luckily our computers worked back there so my husband pulled up some TV shows and we watched that for a little while to pass the time, I did a Sudoku, talked with nurses and anesthesiologist, then my doctor showed up!!!! From this point everything went by very fast for me! My surgery took about 2 hours, which was a lot longer than everyone expected even my doctor. She removed a small amount of endo scarring from both of my ovaries, which she said was not that bad. She also removed some polyps in my uterus and she thinks this has been our problem with the embryos not implanting. GREAT NEWS to me!!! I prayed for some answers and I believe we got some. I go for my post-op appointment with my doctor next week and hopefully we will have an even more answers when we talk with her.

My recovery after the surgery has been a lot worse than I expected! When they were waking me up all I remember is shaking real bad and being very nauseous. I have never had any reaction to anesthesia like this except with my egg retrieval I remember I had the shaking. My mom told them to prick my finger to check my blood sugar to see if this is the cause of the nausea.

Funny Side Note Story: When I was younger and I would pitch a fit my mom would always prick my finger to check my blood sugar to see if my blood sugar was low or I was just pitching a fit. If I was just pitching a fit getting a needle stabbed in your finger was enough punishment!

So here I am in pain, shaking, and nauseous and they prick my finger and my blood sugar is fine! It is now around 8:00 I think, I really don't know what time it is because I am out of it, and we head home. Luckily I slept the whole way and the trip home was not too bad. The next day I am in pain, a lot more pain than I expected! My entire torso hurts, my insides hurt, and my incision spots hurt. But each day that went by I could tell a major change in the way I felt, thanks for all the prayers! I am now waiting in the moment for next Wednesday to come to get a little more information. I had a bad dream last night that my biopsy results came back bad and she would not do any more treatment on me. I am trying to let these thoughts go and know that whatever the results are, God will have me in his hands and bring me through whatever comes of this. I am just trying to wait with peace and live in the moment! It seems like no matter where you are in IF you are always going through a 2WW (2 week wait)!

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The Dorns said...

I think this is wonderful news for you. Answers are always good. It is much better then a "we dont know why" Im sorry your feeling so crummy. Take care of your body and rest. Still thinking about u. Thanks for the update.