Thursday, January 28, 2010

2009 in Review: Part Two

Vacation #5 (or 6) South Carolina
I never posted anything about our last trip of the year!

We went to the beach but did not get in the water...too cold!
But we walked on the beach and picked up shells

They had tons of putt putt places, so we played putt putt one day
Marcus plays golf, but it rained almost every day. He did not get a chance to play while we were there.

Art in the Park
Local artist had booths in this really nice park! This was from a guy doing metal work.

We had one day that the weather was really nice, so we went to Brookgreen Gardens and walked around all day! It was great just being outside in the sunshine and no rain!

Marcus made fun of my shoes I was wearing-Hiking shoes for the day!

We got caught in the rain one day at a boardwalk that had a Ripley's Aquarium at it so we went to the aquarium.

We also went and walked through some old homes and plantations

Right after South Carolina I had my long awaited surgery!
And you all know the results from that...if not read this post!

We go every year and cut down our our tree

I thought that these were cute and would have used them on our Christmas cards,
you know if I would have sent any out?!?!?!?

For my birthday we went to Galveston to the Festival of Light and just to get away. The Festival of Lights was not what I was expecting...might have been better if I was 20 years younger!

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