Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Right before my FET, we ordered Chinese takeout and these were our fortunes!!! Now I never put much stock into fortune cookies, usually crack it open and throw the fortune aside, but for some reason this night we both read our fortunes!!! Now I think the fortune cookie knew something that night and was trying to clue us in on our upcoming successful cycle. Don't you?????

Pregnancy Update: If you haven't noticed I have updated Our Journey on the sidebar. My 1st beta on 2/16/10 was 700 and my 2nd beta on 2/22/10 was 5,410!!! So everything is right on track! We go next week for an ultrasound! I have been very tired and just in the past couple the nausea has gotten worse. I still have not thrown up yet...this morning came really close though!

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