Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surprise Answer!

I don't even know where to start....

I am still in disbelief and feel like it will be more tangible when I see that heartbeat/heartbeats. I don't know why God choose to answer our prayers, nor do I feel I deserve such a huge blessing on some days. But I do know that God did answer our prayers and I am extremely grateful and humbled. I want to say that I do not chalk this successful cycle up to two coincidental fortunes but to the Lord that has brought us through these, hard at times, three and half years! My prayers have changed from asking to be able to carry a child, to praying for a healthy, wonderful, awe inspiring pregnancy. We have received this pregnancy as a gift from God. I pray that I will be able to go through this pregnancy with as little worries as possible…which I have already failed at. I am in uncharted territory with this surprise answered to prayer. I find myself wondering some days if this is all just a dream. I am trying to not worry about the next step, but I guess there is also something we are waiting on…weather it be a 2 week wait, 2nd beta, ultrasound?!?!? I hope and pray that I can continue my song of praise this entire pregnancy and I don’t let the worries overcome me. I have waited for this for a very long time and I want to enjoy each milestone even the morning sickness!!!


Hollie said...

It was such a strange feeling for me when I found out I was pregnant. I had always looked forward to being pregnant, but I never really thought ahead to what was to come, the worries, the planning, the buying. So I sort of know how you feel! Trust me, the worrying will never end, so you have to learn how to live with the worries and how to be happy in the moment that you are in.

I can't wait to hear how your u/s goes. I'm wondering if it's one baby or two!!

Alison said...

I did not struggle with infertility like you did, but I did worry my entire pregnancy about every little ache or each new feeling so I think that is normal. Of course I know how much you have longed for this precious gift so I am sure your feelings are even more intense. I know that you know that God is in control and I am praying with you that things continue as wonderfully perfect as they have started. Love you!
(By the way...the worrying doesn't stop when you have the baby. There are just different things to worry about

Jennifer said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for you. You have waited so long and have been rewarded for your patience.

You will do great and I know that you are cherishing every moment of this time.

Love you so much and I will continue to pray for you.

Linda said...

You sound just like I did when I got my BFP. Little did I know, I had morning sickness/nausea/food aversion the whole entire time! But I enjoyed every single minute of it, even though I was constantly worried. God is good!