Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Somersaults by our very active baby...that is what I am feeling these days in my belly and it is amazing! Our baby is not very active in the morning, but get very active in the afternoon! Maybe this will continue on until after birth?!?!?!?

I started feeling different feelings in my lower stomach before I even made it to 17 weeks and then around 17 weeks I realized that it was the baby moving. I love the feeling of our baby moving around inside of me...it still startles me at times. I wonder what the baby is doing inside there, it feels like it is turning flips!

I am still having some side affects from my progesterone shots. I am having pain in my left hip that makes it very uncomfortable to lay on my left side. At first they thought that we might have hit my sciatic nerve but now we just think that I have tissue and muscle damage from the shots. Has anyone else had this problem from the POI shots? I am not griping though, I will take the pain with this amazing little miracle turning somersaults inside me. I just got my dreamgenii pillow in and am very excited about trying it out tonight. Maybe this will help with my hip pain. 

I had another doctors appointment yesterday and everything checked out great. He was happy with my weight even though I have not gained the recommended amount up to this point. I schedule my ultrasound and it is earlier than what I expected. My doctor said that he would like to wait until around 22 weeks for my ultrasound, but it is scheduled at 20 weeks. So on June 2nd we will hopefully find out what baby Kyler is!!!! I can't wait...Marcus and I both think that it is a boy.

I also can't get enough of my belly...I love my belly! I still can't believe that is me when I look into the mirror. New clothes and undergarments also come along with this growing belly, which can be expensive! The styles right now make it easier for finding stuff. I have been buying nonmaternity tops and dresses on sale that work perfect. Pregnancy is expensive! My doctor told me yesterday that I could not wear the shoes I had on anymore. So I told Marcus that my doctor told me that I needed to buy some new shoes!!! For a shoe lover like me...that was just what I wanted to hear!!!

I am loving the somersaults, can't wait for the ultrasound, and just can't get enough of my growing belly!!!! 


The Gary's said...

Enjoy that growing belly, you will miss it!!! I wish I would of known you ordered one of those pillows, I had gotten one and never used it, I just never could get comfortable with it. Well I love looking at your blog so keep the updates coming, you are a cute little preggo. Yes, the clothes can get expensive but girl, buy, buy, buy.... enjoy it!!! :)

Hollie said...

It's fun to buy new clothes and shoes! I also had to buy new shoes. My feet grew a half size, but they went back to normal about 6 months after baby. I could not wear high heels at all. It's so exciting to feel your baby moving. And it's reassuring to know he/she is ok in there.

Theresa Walker said...

Sitting here reading your blog tonight I have tears in my eyes because I am SO happy for you guys. I hope you don't mind me "stalking" your blog because I can't wait to read your next update because I'm so glad that God has given you and Marcus the desires of your hearts!
Love you in Christ!

Michael Paine said...

Oldnavy has a line of maternity clothes that are so cute and Ross has a large selection of maternity clothes as well. Those are two places you can dress you self cute on a budget! Lindsey I am so excited for you and Marcus.