Friday, May 7, 2010


Of all the Mothers Day’s I have experienced in my life, this one is going to be extra special. I can say that all at once I am excited for what’s to come but also anxious about the unknown. I would have to say that I expect this Mother’s Day to go very different than last year. Last Mother’s Day was a very hard day for me. My emotions were all over the place and it seemed like everywhere I turned I was reminded that I was not a mother. But that surprise answer I got in February has forever changed me!!! Spending Mother’s Day pregnant has made me realize how awesome God is. It amazes me to see all the things that are falling into place for Marcus and me. I now know why God kept telling me to wait; it was a hard year of waiting but worth it all. Although there is no baby for us to hold and others might not see me as being a mother, I am still going to celebrate this Mother’s Day!

I will smile this Mother’s Day, with our baby growing inside my belly, because this will probably be the easiest Mother’s Day I will ever have! There are no sleepless nights, a baby crying all night or a toddler to chase around the house. I will also have to say that I am sooooo looking forward to the sleepless nights, crying baby and every stage of life…this is what I have been asking for, for what seems like a lifetime! For the next 5 ½ months I will be dreaming about what kind of mom I will be? What will our baby look like…will it have dimples, curly hair, and olive skin, will it be a boy or a girl? I am in the dreaming stage and I am trying to soak it all in and dream away!

This Mother’s Day is for Marcus and I to celebrate where we have come from, what we have gone through and most of all celebrate this miracle growing inside of me! So on Sunday, pregnant and a mother-to-be, I will look forward to the Mother Days to come that will continuously find new meaning of what being a mother really is. I am excited about the future and what God has for us!


Chris N Nancy said...

Wow Congratulations! Soon!

Michael Paine said...

The thought of last mother's day for you makes me want to cry. My heart broke for you the entire service. But PRAISE GOD for the amazing miracle of this mother's day for you! You deserve this honor! I see you as a mommy! Very much so!

melanie said...

We missed church last Sunday (Mother's Day) and I really wanted to be able to come up and tell you happy mother's day! :)

I read your twitter update on the side - as thin as you are and at 17 weeks, I would definitely assume that what you're feeling is your little one saying hello! I LOVE that feeling!