Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Girl!

I went and had a 3D/4D ultrasound and it was a great experience! Baby girl was not very cooperative but we were able to get a few good pictures of her! She has been in the same position for the past two ultrasounds which surprises me because she is very active in there. She was all cuddled up and in some pictures she is hugging her umbilical cord. She is already measuring 2lbs and has a long torso! Looks like she might be taking after her mother. I was a big and long baby. We had a great time sharing this experience with our parents and my sister!


Jennifer said...

cute. glad you got to do this. if you are able to get another u/s you will be able to see a little more of her with a little more detail. that's what they always told i never could get mine to cooperate either.haha

Micah said...

She's absolutely adorable! Those ultrasounds are SOOO cool.

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