Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Shower #1

A month ago some awesome ladies gave me a shower at our church! I opened gifts for the full two hours of the shower. So needless to say, I received a lot of great gifts for this special baby girl! Below is a picture of the ladies that gave me the shower! I am so thankful to these ladies that gave me such a great and thoughtful shower! It was amazing!

Baby girl got a jewelry box from Tiffany's from her Aunt Tiffany!!! When she starts getting mobile we will have to put this in a special place :)
Marcus came at the end of the shower to load up the gifts and I was still opening gifts, so he got to help me out and open a few gifts!
Someone painted this little chair to match my bedding! It turned out so cute and looks really cute in her room!
Wardrobe stocked full of clothes and shoes already!

This Sunday I have another shower that my sister, family and friends are giving me. I can't wait because I know they have spent so much time on this shower to make it special for us! Baby girl is so blessed with so many people that love her already, even before she is here! I am just overwhelmed with appreciation for everything that everyone is doing for us!

We still have not decided on her full name. We joked last night that I am going to be in labor and she still will not have a middle name. There are two names that we both like for different reasons! We might just have to see her when she gets here and see what name she looks like the most?!?!?! We also do not have the nursery finished, my hospital bag packed or the car seat installed! Can you tell that there are some pretty major things that we need to get done within the next week! But we did get a little getaway this past weekend. This was the last weekend that I could travel, so we took advantage of it and had a great relaxing weekend away!

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