Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I know it is has been awhile since I have updated on here, but our lives have been very busy. Since my last update we have had our first shower, we have taken maternity pictures, the nursery is getting closer and closer to being ready and much much more! I am so wanting to nest and wash and organize everything, but I have had a cold for over a week now and don't feel like doing anything. I have tried all the home remedies to overcome this cold but nothing is working. I was up all night last night with an extreme cough! My doctor has given me different things to try before going to a prescription, but we are at the point to where we have to turn to something else because nothing is working. I don't really like taking medicine but I am at the point to where I just want to be over this cold and be able to carry on with preparing for this little girl! Also at my last doctors appointment I found out that my iron is too low, so I am now having to take iron. I was worried that this would mess up my body as some of you know iron does, but so far so problems with taking the iron! As soon as I get more time I need to post pictures from my first shower, pictures of the nursery and hopefully I will be able to share some of our maternity pictures with you all!


Michael Paine said...

Have you swallowed a teaspoon of honey for the cough? I have heard it works.

Chrystal (Hebert) said...

Lindsey, I'm sure you're already well, but just wanted to say that you should be able to take all products made by tylenol. In which case, the one that worked best for me when i got sick was the tylenol cold and sinus pills. I could not stand being miserable, and after a few days of trying to fight through it without medicine, that's what i had to go for. Worked wonders!! :) I hope you are doing well, I'm just getting caught up on your blog now that I'm back to work after having Archer. Sorry to hear about your robbery scare (CRRRAZY!!!), I vote for medella pump in style, double electric pump (i bought mine slightly used, but it's the best thing ever, and having used it so far for a year multiple times a day every single day, it's still going strong, and has paid for itself over and over again), I like the playtex ventaire bottles the best, and I avoid stripping the bed of it's sheet by putting a pretty thick baby quilt on there, and since he's still really small, putting him in the baby wedge covered by a burp cloth and another blanket (it's so hard for me to remove and replace sheets on those dang cribs!), so if he pees or spits up I just wash the smaller blanket and burp cloth usually (that's as far as anything usually Things I can't live without? My pump and all the accessories that come with it, my nursing cover (i bought at a garage sale for $2), pacifiers, a bottle handy at all times just in case, and burp cloths (those gerber cloth diapers are the most absorbent and best things EVER). Breast pads I like the best are playtex brand and they're hard to find but usually the midcounty walmart has them. OH, and LANSINOH BRAND LANOLIN (purple box with the breastfeeding supply stuff in any store. put it on after and before every time you pump &/or feed early on since your nipples will feel like they are getting ripped off, it really helps heal them). Ok, I think that's all for now, so take it for what it's You'll learn what works for you the best! So happy for youuuu!