Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on our 5 mth old!

There are so many things going on...where do I start?

We are some point hopefully before Maielle's 1st birthday (that is my goal, to be able to have her 1st birthday in our new house)!!! We have been looking at houses in our area for a few months now and we have narrowed it down to a few options. One of those options is building a house. I never thought we would be in the place to be able to afford to build but after crunching the numbers that is an option! This is so hard to decide! We have been touching up the paint inside our house and Marcus has been doing some work to the outside to get it ready to sale! So if anyone knows of anyone looking for a great starter home...ours is for sale! It is two bedrooms and one bath, with an extra room in the back that use to be the third bedroom. It is around 1300 square feet! I am hoping that we can sale it fast!!!!

I had to take Maielle to the doctor two days before her scheduled well visit because she woke up coughing real bad and congested! Then two days later we were back at the doctor for her 4 month checkup! So we had a week of going to the doctor, because I caught her cold and had to go to the doctor! We are all well now and enjoying our almost 5 month old little girl! The doctor told me not to start her on solids until 6 months, so I am happy about that! She is doing great on just breast milk, growing perfectly! She is also sleeping great! At almost exactly 4 months she started sleeping through the night, waking once to eat and going straight back to sleep. Since then she has slept through the night without waking at all to eat! So I don't think she needs solids to sleep! We are all doing great and loving spending each day with her.

I keep finding myself thinking of our other embryos waiting for us. I don't know when we will do another FET, but I do know it will be awhile from now! Until that day, I will wait and think about them often! I love Maielle so much and I want her to have a sibling!

I will leave you with a picture of Maielle hanging out at her Gamma's & Papa house!
She is growing so much and time is going by way too fast! I can't believe we already have a 5 month old (next week)! 


Jessica said...

She is just precious!!

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

So beautiful! Glad she is doing so well!

The Gary's said...

So good to hear everything is going great! She is just a doll! Good luck on the house hunt/building. Oh and the left over embryos... there won't be a day that goes by you will not think about them, believe me :) I have a precious 2 month old from a frozen cycle and that has me really thinking about the two that still wait :)

greendeq said...

so cute