Friday, September 16, 2011


We all go through different seasons of life. Right now I feel I am in a transition season. I am trying to figure out how to be the super wife & super mom all at the same time. Throw working full time in the mix and there is no time to breath sometimes...let alone have a regular quiet time! So, yes I am trying to do it all...cloth diaper, make my own baby food, teach Maielle the skills she needs to learn, keep the new house clean, cook dinner most nights, make sure Maielle gets to spend time with family, give my husband the time I should & want....the list could keep on going! So as you see there is no time to just sit on the sofa and relax! How do I do it all? I feel I am running around like a crazy person from 7am to 11 pm! I need to make time for myself...I need to get back to having a regular quiet time! I feel drained and want to feel revived!

On another subject Maielle and I will be taking a trip next weekend without Marcus. Marcus has to stay behind and work (honestly he hates to fly so he will think of any reason to get out of flying if he can). I will be flying for the first time with Maielle. I would be lying if I said that I am not nervous about this trip! What if she hates flying? What if my stroller gets messed up while checking it at the gate? Those of you that have flown with a baby...did you bring your car seat and stroller combo? I ordered a bag to put both the car seat & stroller in when I gate check them. I am going to try to BF Maielle during take off and while landing or at least have her paci in her mouth. We will be taking 4 flights total! I will take any suggestions of things I need to make sure I bring or things I need to remember to pack!!! Please help!


Jennifer said...

I say....RELAX!! You don't have to do everything just perfectly. That's coming from someone who walked in your shoes for the first year of Cade's I did it all (except for cloth diapering) with his first year and found myself running at all ends of the spectrum. I was a basket case most of the I think the best thing I ever learned in MOPS was that I was/am not alone in any of my struggles. I always want to be the mom that people look at and think, "Wow, she really DOES have it all together." All the while, I'm dying inside hoping someone would hear my cries for help behind my thick mask. Try to relax sometimes and let some of the "everyday" stuff go. It's always ok to let the laundry pile up for a day or not cook one night just to spend an extra moment or two with husband and/or baby. On the opposite side of the coin, I know that you have waited for this for so long. I totally get that you want to do it all and I appreciate that you's definitely not for everyone...I couldn't do it. I will continue to pray for you and I know that God will teach you and revive you if you seek Him out in those quiet moments. I love you, girl, and know that whatever happens you will return the glory to the One who gave you your miracle in the first place.

As far as traveling with a baby on the plane...I saw a lot of mommas doing it alone on the past trip we took. You will be fine. I didn't see anyone putting a baby in a carseat on the plane itself so you could probably check that and just worry with your stroller at the gate. You are gonna have enough to carry around with Maielle in your arms anyway. Tie her up in your sling and go for it!

Jayne said...

Hope everything went well with your trip.