Friday, October 14, 2011

Olives on the plane!

Our trip to Utah went great! I could not have asked for a better trip! Except for Maielle waking up with a fever of 101 the day of the wedding!

I bought a bag for Maielle's car seat and for her stroller and gate checked both of them. They did not get messed up and I had no problems gate checking them. The trip over there I was so worried about how Maielle would do on the plane. She did great! We had two flights going to Utah and two flights coming home! The first flight was only 20 minutes, but I would say this was worse than the 3 hour flight. We were on a very small plane that was hot! The second flight Maielle slept for half of the flight and then she played for the rest of the flight! She was excellent! Everyone commented on how well she traveled! I am blessed with a good little traveler! The wedding was beautiful! Maielle was great even though I could tell she did not feel well. We were not able to really sight see much. On Friday we drove into the mountains to go to the Rehearsal dinner. It was a pretty drive, but I did not feel well that night so I was not able to enjoy it that much. Even though Maielle & I were sick, overall it was a good, SHORT trip!

We had an experience on the way home that we will never forget! My mom changed Maielle diaper in the car right before heading to the airport and I remembered saying that it looked a little loose but we left it because we were in a hurry! We got to the airport, checked in and were sent to the front of the security line because we were late and had a baby with us! So we got on the plane…Maielle fell asleep…we ordered an appetizer to eat (olives, hummus, crackers, and almonds)…Maielle woke up and went to sit on my moms lap. While sitting on my moms lap, I saw the poop face! I just thought that this is going to be an experience changing a diaper in the airplane restroom. We continued eating and my mom felt something drop in her lap….sooooo she reached down to get what she thought was an olive. She picked the “olive” up and handed it to me…I looked down and saw that she was trying to hand me a piece of poop! I was laughing so hard, tears were going down my face! I took the “olive”, grabbed extra clothes for Maielle and rushed to the bathroom with her. My mom’s shirt & Maielle were covered in poop. Luckily my mom had a jacket so she just took her shirt off and zipped her jacket up. It was an experience trying to change Maielle’s clothes & diaper in the airplane restroom. Needless to say…we did not finish the rest of our appetizer!

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