Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's One!!!

We made it…the first year is over! Wow it flew by so fast! It was just twelve months ago when I met Maielle James, we were strangers and now we are inseparable! In the past year we have had many laughs, some tears, many lost hours of sleep and tons of sweet, sweet kisses and cuddle times (some at 3 am)! Our life without Maielle seems like a distant memory and yet it was only twelve months ago! A smile comes over me when I think of all the things we have gone through in the past year and I am also sad to think her first year is already over! I can’t wait to see what is to come!

Her birthday had an owl theme and I think everything turned out really cute! My sister and I made her birthday cakes and they were precious!
The Invitation
Owl Cupcakes
Smash Cake for Maielle
 The second Owl Cake for everyone else to eat
The Birthday Girl...outfit made by my mom! 
Her head piece inspired the entire outfit
 She was hesitant at first with the cake but as soon as she tasted the icing she dove right in!
Maielle had a great party and I enjoyed watching her enjoy her party! She was a perfect little birthday girl!

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Jennifer said...

Im so glad she had a good party. I hate that we missed it, but I'm grateful for sharing in her life so far. I'm proud of ya'll.