Sunday, September 14, 2008

Many, LA

I hope everyone is doing okay and y'alls homes are okay. I am in Many, LA at a resort on Toledo Bend. It is really pretty here, but there is not anything to do around here. Yesterday morning we lost electricity here and it was off all day long until late last night. We thought we were evacuating so we would not have to deal with power outages, but Ike found us here in Many. It was soooo hot all day long. I thought it would not be bad because I have been camping alot but this was much worse because when you are camping there is a breeze, not so inside a hotel room. I also didn't like going back to a pitch black hotel room by myself. Marcus stayed at the hospital to help out with the needs there. So once again Zoe and I evacuated without Marcus. I am proud of him for staying and helping them out, but I miss him!!!!!!

We are trying to find somewhere else to go, because it is very boring here and if we are going to be stuck somewhere for weeks we need to find something to do. We have rooms in Round Rock, so we will probably end up there. My dad, brother-in-law and uncle went back today to clean out refrigerators and check on every one's homes. Poor guys, that is a very dirty job to do. So far no one here has any major damages, which we all are very lucky!!!!

I miss you all so much and hope y'all are all having fun on your Hurrication!!!! Hopefully it won't be long before we are all back together in Mid County. Love you all!!!!!

I will try and update my blog and let you all know where I go next.


sweet jenn said...

glad to know you are doing ok. Our house fared well during the storm too. Not so with Donnie and Ashley. I think Ike took their chimney, and, well, you can probably imagine what happened there. I'm not sure how bad it is but I know that water IN your house is bad. I feel you with being also stayed, again, and I am missing him terribly. Keep updating and maybe we can keep each other

sweet jenn said...

by the way how is your parent's house? I have seen pics of water standing in Bessie Heights. just wondering..let me know..