Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

Find out your ecological footprint, click here .

Since today is Earth Day, there has been many television shows about green living and green design. I don't know why but I find all of this very interesting. Since I graduated with an Interior Design degree I have been very interested in green design. There was a show on last night about a guy that lives in the desert and does not have A/C in his house, and I found this to be amazing all the different design features he had in his house. This all makes me realize how little I do, especially by my footprint results. So check your footprint out and see what we can do to minimize this.

Since I am failing on posting my 365 Days of Grace every day, I am going to just try and do it per post:
112 of 365
1) Beautiful day that I can just admire the Earth that God made
2) Busy week (no time to get lonely home alone)
3) The hope of a future with kids
4) Time I was able to go out with my sister and mom to eat Mexican (I could eat Mexican for every meal)
5) My flowers are still alive that I planted in my new flower bed (I have a brown thumb)


NeNe said...

I love Earth Day- I always have. I too am intrigued by the "green movement" and have made a few changes to live a more sustainable life. I think it is a good idea to be stewards of what God has given us.

My husband even says that we're doing cloth diapers when we finally have a baby. I'm not quite sold on that yet :)

sweet jenn said...

lol...brown thumb...hahahahaha