Thursday, April 2, 2009


Our week has been so busy I have had to type everything up into a schedule to keep it all straight. It is Thursday and it is not letting up.

All that is left in the bathroom now is hanging the lights, changing a switch out and touch up paint. I can see the end now!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures on Monday of the finished project.

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my RE to talk about my blood work results and to discuss surgery. Our appointment was at 4:00 and quickly realized that we were going to be waiting for a long time. By 5:00 it was us and another couple waiting, so we asked them what time their appointment was...3:30?!?!?!? She started the day off an hour and a half late!!!! She comes from Webster to Beaumont every Wednesday. Her first appointment in Beaumont was at 10:00 and she did not leave Webster until 9:45! I got called back around 5:30 and was out of there around 6:00. All of my blood work came back normal, even my CA-125 (cancer/endo marker). She still wants to do the surgery; I guess it is more exploratory now but still looking for endo, but also checking uterine lining, blood supply to the uterus and also taking a biopsy while in there. I am prob going to schedule this sometime this summer. We want to take a trip this summer also, so I am going to try and schedule around that.

Today I am on a liquid diet, because I am having a procedure done tomorrow 5:30am! Hypoglycemia and only liquids don't go good together! I started off this morning hungry and went down from there (headache, weak, dizzy, nauseous) until I decided to drink some chicken broth around 8:00am. I am feeling a little better now, but I think I am going to have to just continue drinking the chicken broth. I think chicken broth and hot tea are going to sustain me for the day. It is funny when you can't eat...all you think about is food! Please pray that they don't find anything tomorrow and that I make it through today!

092 of 365
1) Chicken broth
2) Hot Tea
3) The hope of being able to take a small trip with my husband
4) Sleeping soundly and not waking up every 30 minutes
5) Caring RE and great staff


The Dorns said...

I'm still thinking of you and I want to send you that in information about the endo and what to eat while doing your next cycle.

I was also wondering what kind of meds they plan to put you on for the next cycle. I have so much meds left (in sealed boxes) I would love to send if they are something you would need.

Its going to happen but God has it mapped out just when. Its hard to be patient and it gets so frustrating but just realize he knows when the timing is right.

Did you find a accupuncturist that knows about infertility?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it happened, but my username is just a bunch of letters and the picture of me is a shadow guy b/c my photo wouldn't load...sigh...anyway, I didn't want you to be creeped out. It is just your crazy sister and her incompetent computer skills. I love you and pray for you all the time. Please let me know if I can every do anything to help, it would give me joy. Love, T