Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Let me just say that I am loving acupuncture! I also love my doctor that I am going to, she is amazing!!!

So the procedure:
I go in change into a gown (very cold in the winter, they need a little space heater in the only gripe). She then comes in and puts 13 needles total into my body. One in each ankle, one in each outer shin area, one in each wrist, three across my chest, and four around my lower abdomen. After she puts the needles in, she leaves, I listen to the ocean and lay there for 10 minutes and relax! She then comes back in and takes the needles out and I am finished!!!

Positive affects:
The first time I could feel the warming in my body and felt very relaxed (kind of heavy feeling). After the second time I went I slept 13 hours straight that night, so I am pretty sure my insomnia is getting better!!! The night after my acupuncture appointment I can tell a huge difference in the way I sleep.

Titanium vs. Gold:
The first two times she used Titanium needles and after the second time I noticed my acupuncture points where a little red the day after. It was not a rash just the spots where she put the needles where a little red. I mentioned this to her and she said that they had a girl in the past that was allergic to the Titanium. They had to order Gold needles for her. So this past time she used the Gold needles to see if there was a difference. When putting them in she said that they felt different and asked me if they felt different to me. She then looked and the Gold ones are a larger gauge than the Titanium ones. I guess I will see if I still get the red spots, I might go back to the Titanium. Anyone that has done acupuncture before….did your acupuncture spots get a little red the day after?

While some may be skeptical of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I can tell a difference in the way I feel and just hope for the best this next go round. I am for sure enjoying the relaxation and better sleep this is bringing me!


Theresa Walker said...

Glad to hear that it is making you feel better! Hope things continue to be positive for you. Prayers sent your way!

Jennifer said...

I have a question about the needles. Do they have some sort of medicine in the end that sort of goes into your body or is it just the stick of the needle that makes you feel more relaxed? Just wondering. I have no experience or any idea how acupuncture If it helps you sleep better then I'm up for

Alison said...

I am so glad it is helping you. Does it hurt when she sticks you? Mackenzie saw the picture on your post, and said "Oh no, did Ninny have to get poked." She said she would pray for you. I tried to explain it made you feel good, but she just couldn't understand. I guess her shot from yesterday is to fresh on her mind. I'm praying for you too. I'm so hopeful for you & Marcus. Love you.

The Dorns said...

I swear by it, Im so glad you got it done. I believe it will really help you. Its so relaxing and I always feel so sleepy.

Just not when you get pregnant and you try to in at 36 weeks it is no longer comfortable to get accupuncture, it was like 10 minutes of torture.

Make sure you get it done before a transfer and then immedielty same day .