Monday, December 1, 2008


Oh, The Two Week Wait (2ww)!!!!! So far, so good and I only have 5 more days to go! I have thought about taking a home pregnancy test, but my doctors office told me with all the meds I am taking it could produce false results (so if I do take one, will I trust the results.....ummm nope). As far as symptoms, I do have some but again the meds are suppose to produce some of these symptoms. I worry each day that goes by and I have a different feeling come on. Is it my body reacting to the drugs, pregnancy, or is my body rejecting this????? All I can do is take each day as it comes with each new ache/pain/discomfort and trust God to carry me through.

Today is my first day back at work! It was weird being off of work for so long. I don't think I have ever missed so much work, even for vacations! I know it sounds weird but it is nice to be back at work. With the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to take it easy for a little longer than the doctor even asked, so that was nice to not have to jump right back into everything just a few days after my transfer. It was nice to have meals cooked for us, dishes washed, clothes clean and put up and so much more (thank you mom and Pam)!!!!! I think I have been spoiled! I still can't lift anything or really do anything other than sit and walk, so I am still a little cautious about what I do. I will let you all know my blood results as soon as I can, please just continue to pray for us.


Teresa said...

I have literally been stalking your blog waiting for an update!! Yay, only 5 more days! Woo hoo :) I know for you it might as well be 5 centuries from now lol. Can't wait to hear some good news!!!

Hollie said...

2WW is so hard! Not to try to convince you to change your mind, but I took the home test and got results 6 days past my transfer, but my beta number was super high. Just depends on if you can hold out and wait it out! It's so hard, but it's exciting too. I can't wait to hear good news.

Jessica said...

I am still praying!