Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking a closer look!

Since my last post I have realized that there are reasons that my first IVF attempt didn't work. God has amazing things in store for my life and I just want to have the patience to wait for His perfect timing. I had started putting my struggles and focus for a baby before my relationship with my Savior. Since this realization I have changed my focus and I just pray that I can continue to follow His plans for my life and truly celebrate what Christmas is all about! This year I have not stressed about what gifts to buy certain people and I really believe that I have stayed out of the commercialize Christmas. I know that January will come soon enough and I don't want to wish Christmas to rush by. I love Christmas time!!!! I want to fully enjoy this Christmas with my family and friends!!!!

In my quiet time this was the example:
This guy was setting up a store front Christmas window display with a manger scene and it had a note attached to it. The note said "Open package, from God to all mankind". He said that there were two different responses to the window display. One response was they would just walk past not even noticing anything different. The other response was they would walk up to the window and get a closer look at the baby inside. The point of this is we need to stop during all the hustle and bustle and take a closer look at what this holiday is all about. It seems like we get so busy with Christmas that we rush through it without focusing on God during this time. Christmas is not about getting the perfect gift for someone, it is not about having the perfectly decorated house, it is not about anything but my God coming to this Earth to be born as a baby, live a perfect life and die for my sins. We I need to take a closer look!

We started Sunday night with one of my family traditions. We baked 3 batches sandtarts and 5 batches of trash with my parents. Oh and I most certainly did not just eat sandtarts and trash for supper. They both are sooooo good and will help put on some weight; cookies are a good fat, aren't they?????? I am sure my RE would love to know that I ate cookies for supper. Monday night was Christmas celebration with my moms side of the family and my grandmothers birthday (she was born on Christmas day). It was a great night with family. I have some issues with that side of the family that I will talk about at a later date. I am working on my outlook on certain things because I know that is the only thing that I can control. I am not going to let a few people mess up my time with my grandparents! I hope this Christmas will be a joyful one, no matter where I am or who I am with because no matter the circumstances I am going through Christmas is not about me, it is about taking a closer look.


Hollie said...

It sounds like you had a fun time. And it's ok to have cookies for supper at Christmastime. It's the perfect time of year to gain weight. Glad to hear you are enjoying time with family and friends and reflecting on the true meaning of the season.

Teresa said...

Your positive attitude rocks. Thank you for that. It helps to read that ALOT! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas!