Monday, January 19, 2009


This is from Louis Giglio's blog (an amazing guy) and I thought it was beautiful!
Words from Charlie Hall:

New Year

My heart beats like a drum, flying up with the sun,
I grab Your hand again
Renovated with life, my eyes again bright,
And You are radiant

Where hope can hold the hand of sorrow
And we can walk into tomorrow
Where peace is found in troubled days
And the joy of Jesus carries pain

This is a new year,
This is new day,
To rise shine,
Lift up your eyes

This is a new year,
This is a new day
To rise shine,
And point the way
To God’s great life

I’m held in a place, a beautiful space
Where heaven meets the earth
My heart opens wide, and the Father pours life
Deep inside my soul

Charlie Hall and Kendall Combes, SIXSTEPS MUSIC/ songs

It’s going to be a big year, and with God’s life within through the indwelling light of Christ, we all should be expectant…believing God for a supernatural collision where His ability merges with our faith and obedience.

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