Thursday, May 21, 2009

A girl's night does a girl good!!!

A girl’s night does a girl good!!! Have I mentioned that I have an amazing group of friends???? Well, I do and they always know how to pick me up from a bad day and just the right things to say. Last week we all decided to get together and hang out. After several stops we finally found a place that would be open long enough for us to hang out at. On a side note why does a coffee shop close at 8:30 on a week day???? Anyway we had a great time catching up with each other and had many laughs! A girl’s night does a girl good!!!! All of us are going through many different problems of our own but it is nice to have one night to where you can leave all that at home and laugh! We have also scheduled to have another girl’s night this week and I hope that we can continue on with this and make it a tradition. I think this is something that we all need!!! No matter what we are all going through, we all need to take a break and enjoy the people in our lives. So everyone go ahead and schedule your girl’s night out!!! A girl’s night does a girl good!!!

141 of 365
(I have realized that I have been bad about posting my day of grace)
1) Girls Night Out Tomorrow!
2) Long weekend to hopefully get some relaxation in
3) Eating healthier makes you feel better
4) Money that God has provided us with to be able to afford the things that we need
5) Wonderful, relaxing Sunday night at home with my husband (If you follow me on twitter you know what we did) This was a great start to the week!!!!

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sweet jenn said... are right about this!!! I love our girls' nights. I love to just sit and talk to you guys about just...whatever...and laugh!! It's greatness.

Can't wait for Friday (which is tonight!! lol)