Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I will try anything once!!!

Squash Blossoms!!!!!

My friend Jennifer over at LIFE gave me some squash blossoms to try out. I think everyone else was too chicken to try them after I told her they could be eaten. I guess I am known for not being too picky about food and willing to try anything once. I will take this as a compliment!!! So she gave me 5 little blossoms and I was excited to try them out (really, I was really excited)!!! I researched about squash blossoms online since I have never actually eaten one. I found a recipe online that sounded pretty good to me but changed it up a little to suit our taste. Below is the recipe I cooked (sorry there are no measurements).

Squash Blossoms:

They need to be handled gently but still okay if you happen to tear one. To clean them, reach into the well of the flower and pinch out the stem in the middle, then rinse thoroughly, to wash away any bugs and dirt. Drain flowers or pat with a paper towel. Use the blossoms right away or, you can save them in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Once clean make cheese stuffing.
I used cream cheese, fresh chives, garlic powder and salt and pepper.
Mix quantities to your taste.
Then carefully stuff the blossoms with a small amount of the filling and twist tops closed.
Break an egg and beat it a bit with a fork.
In another bowl, add some flour and season with salt and pepper.
Dip blossom into egg then flour.
Fry lightly in olive oil until golden.

Enjoy, I know we did!!!!!

(They kind of look like chicken wings, but they are really squash blossoms)
So now everyone go out and pick their squash blossoms and Bon Appetit!!!


Birthday Buddy said...

I have to tell you, I was watching Giada on the Food Network the day after I heard you had made them. The recipe you used is almost identical to hers!!! I am so impressed. They are beautiful. I would love to try them. I may have to look for some blossoms at the specialty store by our house! Thanks for sharing!

The Dorns said...

That looks and actualysounds delicious. Now if i just knew where to get them

sweet jenn said...

WOW!!! They really DO look yummy. I'm so glad you used them!! I hope I can get out and get some more and try them myself. I need to pick them so they don't go bad or fall off the

Birdee said...

Those look amazing, and I'm not affraid to try thim, however I will admit, I'm too lazy to make them. ((sigh)) maybe I can will them into my life somehow.

NeNe said...

wow that looks delicious! I am so so impressed :)