Friday, October 10, 2008

Freaked out, scared, but very Excited, Happy, Giddy, Eager, Thrilled, & Energized!!!

I am very excited to finally post some progress. Our doctor’s appointment on Wednesday went really well. We went to see my reproductive endocrinologist to have a consultation with her and just talk some things through, or so we thought. We had no idea that we would walk out of there with the plans she gave us. We figured that it would be after the holidays before we got started on everything, but for some reason everything just fell into place at our appointment. My cycle lines up perfectly with everything that has to happen. I can see God at work in this entire process!!!! The doctor that has to do the surgery will only be available for a few days at the first of November and third week of November and guess when we need him….the third week. I don’t think that we could have planned this any better if we tried. After we realized that everything really is going to happen, those of you that know me probably know that I went into freak out mode. I am a very detailed person and I started making lists of things that I have to get done. Luckily all the main things I had to do seem to also fall into place. I think Marcus and I are still a little shocked that we are finally moving forward after 2 years, but are very excited!!!! Those of you that don’t know, we are having to do IVF (ok I let out some details that I said I wouldn’t). This is going to be a very exciting process for us and also a very emotional six weeks for me. I am going to go ahead and ask for forgiveness in case I act a little crazy during this time, I will just blame it on the drugs that I will be shooting in my body everyday. If everything continues to workout, we are looking at a Thanksgiving transfer!!!! This will be a very memorable Thanksgiving for us. Please continue to pray for everything to work out and to continue falling into place.


Jessica said...

I am SO HAPPY for ya'll! I will be praying for peace because I'm sure that the next several weeks will be somewhat stressful. I really can't tell you how happy I am for you!!

Michael Paine said...

This is going to be great! I am totally pumped for you guys! Go crazy you have every right to YEEAAAHHH~!!!!