Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When will it begin?

I just wanted to thank all of you for praying for Marcus and I. I truly believe that your prayers are what carry us through each day of this journey. Our appointment last Friday went really well with Dr. L. He thought that our new plan of action was a good way to go and the best option for us at this point. The only thing that he suggested was that we wait until after the holidays to start with everything, because right now we are getting really close to the craziness of the holidays. I guess that is just another thing to think about and decide what we are comfortable with. We are going tomorrow to talk with another one of our main doctors, Dr. S, and I guess we will get her input as to what start date she is comfortable with. I am very excited about our appointment tomorrow!!!!! We now only have two main doctors, Dr. L and Dr. S and they have to coordinate everything together. These two doctors don't usually work together and I am not sure if they have a very good track record together. I just pray that they will set aside their smugness and have a little humility with each other. They are our only and best option at this point of the process.

I am trying very hard lately to work on my positive outlook and to reduce my stress level because I know that is the best thing for me to do at this point to give us a positive pregnancy result. So if any of you have any suggestion of relaxation techniques I am open to trying whatever will help!!!! I don't feel stressed out but I know deep down I am letting it bother me because I have never had a problem with acne but lately I have had a problem with breakouts and I know it is because of stress. I know I need to get back to yoga but I just can't seem to find the time.

On another note, Marcus is due for his first yearly check up to make sure the tumor that he had hasn't come back. The doctor told us that the type of tumor he had, had a high percentage of coming back. So every year he is going to have to have a CT Scan to check everything out. He has an appointment at the end of the month for all of this. Please just pray for him, because I know this is not easy to go through.


sweet jenn said...

You are stronger than you know. Still praying...God is carrying you even now!

Jessica said...

you are in our prayers. Like Jennifer said, God is carrying you now, even if it doesn't feel like it at times. Try to rest in His peace as often as you can. It will make the load lighter and easier to bear.

sweet jenn said...

After reading your blog, I saw you at church!! And your news there is much lighter than this!! You need to update about it!! I am so excited that things are gonna move faster than you thought. POST!! POST!!!