Thursday, November 13, 2008


My E2 level today:
2,261 (a number they like to see at the end)

The nurse hasn't talked with my doctor yet but she just called me to make sure I was taking one of my drugs. I am worried that I am moving too fast!!!! I can't get OHSS until I take a certain drug which will be in a few days and this worries me. I don't want to end up in the hospital and have to cancel this cycle because of this. I am now suppose to start keeping a journal of my weight and symptoms each day. I started having some pain around my ovaries last night at church and my belly started to pooch out. I can no longer eat Mexican food (I am addicted to Mexican food) which will prob make Marcus happy. She told me I needed to be eating vegetables, lean meat and drinking lots of water. Please just pray that my body starts cooperating with the drugs and slows down. I will update a little later when I hear from the doctor.

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Hollie said...

I hope your body slows down or the dr reduces your meds. I really hope you don't get cancelled... but... OHSS is serious. It's normal to have some bloating and pain, but at some point it gets out of control. Prayers...