Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready or Not

I have now officially given myself my first shot! The doctors office gives you a period of time that you are suppose to give your shot (between 6:30-9:00) and we thought 8:00pm sounded like a good time for us. So about 7:30 I started cleaning off an area to lay everything out on and to kind of read the instruction over again. This first medicine I had to dissolve a powder by injecting a liquid in the vial, but the instructions emphasised to not create bubbles!!!! Well, right away bubbles started forming and I knew that was not good. So for the next 45 minutes we sat at the dinning room table trying to get rid of the bubbles. Our 8:00 shot time had come and past and by 8:30 we decided that it was good enough and I needed to go ahead and take my shot. By this time I was aggravated and just ready to get it over with, so the actual shot was not that bad. I had to give it right under my belly button and I really did not feel the needle at all, but the medicine going in was a different story. It was so weird, I could feel the medicine spreading all over my abdomen and this morning it feels like I did a lot of crunches throughout the night. Oh the joys of injections!!!! I hope that all the other injections aren't as eventful as this one.

A lot of you are asking when things will be happening, so I decided to give you my calendar of events. Here is just a brief outline of what we are going to be going through the next month:

11/3: Cetrotide injection (eventful bubble problem shot)
11/4-11/6: Wait for Aunt Flo (I think she is already here)
11/7 -11/16: HCG and Gonal-F injections (2 injections per day)
11/18: Estimated Egg Retrieval Day* (Out-patient surgery, hope to come home same day)
11/23: Embryo Transfer* (Probably 2 transfered)
11/24: Bed rest at a near by hotel (Get waited on hand and foot)
11/25: Bed rest (come home from the hotel)
11/27: Thanksgiving Day
12/8: Blood work to see if it took (Hope for a strong BFP)
*Will be done in Webster, TX near NASA


Hollie said...

You did it! After doing the first shot, the rest will come easy. It's great that you have your plan laid out! It's very exciting to know when these things are happening.

sweet jenn said...

I love you..I love you..I love you.

I'm praying for you.

Michael Paine said...

it is all coming together brave woman! i don't know how I would do administering a shot to myself! Good job!

Teresa said...

Thanks for the timeline. I'm understanding thing a little more and I gotta say you are amazing and brave and I'll be continously praying for you throughout this whole process. When you have to rest at the hotel, milk it girl. BFP, BFP, BFP!

Linda said...

Thanks for your commment on my blog. :) What I do to keep the bubbles from forming is to not directly inject the powder with the liquid. Instead, let the liquid slide down the side of the bottle. Then gently twist the bottle from side-to-side, sort of swirling the liquid around to dissolve the powder. Glad you didn't feel the needle. Good luck and I'm rootin' for ya! :)

Teresa said...

How are the shots goin? You're in my prayers and thoughts. :)