Friday, November 14, 2008

I am not a chicken.....yet!

This is a picture of my ovaries from this morning (beautiful aren't they). She said that everything is looking good and I am not producing 50 follicles (that would put any chicken to shame), so that is good. She said that my right ovary is still larger than the left (I am sure you already noticed that though, by the pic) :). They are not as worried as they were yesterday about OHSS, but it is still something they are preparing me for. I am now on a protein drink every day and on a pretty bland diet. I also have to start keeping a weight and symptom journal to keep track of everything. We will be traveling back and forth to Houston on Saturday and Sunday morning to have blood work and more ultrasounds done. Oh the exciting times at the Kyler house!!!!! The nurse just called and my E2 levels are good for today, so the reduction in the meds have helped out. It is looking like my surgery will be either Monday or Tuesday, so please pray that everything goes smoothly and I recover fast (no OHSS). This day will be a huge day for us and even more complicated than most IVFers on this day. I am comforted because I know that God is totally in control of this journey.

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