Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am not so good at remembering to take a picture every week. I will have to get better!!! Here is my 12 week 4 day baby bump!

We went to a wedding this weekend in Louisiana and had a great time with family! Marcus went and played golf earlier in the day and forgot to put on sunscreen as you can tell in this picture.

This picture was taken after we got back to the hotel after the wedding. We left the reception early around 12:00. I tried to stay until they left but I was worn out, as you can tell in this picture, and my feet hurt real bad! We found out the next morning that they didn't leave until around 1:30, so I am glad that we left when we did. Here is my belly shot at 12 weeks 2 days.

We had a great weekend but I am worn out. The past few days I have been trying to recuperate from the weekend!

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chrystal said...

so cute lindsey!! So happy for you both! :)
Chrystal (hebert) lundy