Thursday, April 1, 2010

Still doesn't feel real?

This pregnancy still does not feel real at times! I am thankful every day for this amazing pregnancy, but I still don't believe it is real. It is like I am waiting for something to prove to me that this is not real. I doesn't matter how nauseated I feel or my little pooch that seems to keep growing, I am still in disbelief! The nausea to me is a reassuring sign that everything is okay, so in some weird way, I enjoy it! Today is my last ultrasound at my infertility doctor and next week I will have my last appointment with my doctor. At that appointment I will get instructions to start stepping down on all the infertility meds (yippee) and I will get released to my regular Ob/Gyn. I know I am going to have to wait longer than 2 weeks to have another ultrasound and I don't like that. I have gotten use to having that reassuring cute little picture on that screen of my baby with a beating heart! I don't want to wish this pregnancy to go by fast because who knows this could be my only pregnancy and I want to enjoy every step of the way! I know I just have to hand over my worries and put my trust that God has his hand on this pregnancy and it will end with a baby in our arms! It is hard but I am trying to lay down my worries.

I will end with a picture of my 10 week belly (mostly bloat) and check in later for a picture of our cute little 11 week old fetus!

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