Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today my departure from my infertility clinic was bittersweet. I am ecstatic that I am in this place! But these people have been a large part of my life for the past three and half years and we have gotten close to some of them. So I am sad that I have to leave them, but also happy that after three and half years I get to be THIS person!!! You know that normal pregnant lady! I will not lie I did shed tears when I realized that I was not going to see these people until our next time around (not even going to think about when that next time will be). Maybe it is the hormones that made this sad. Our joke around the house is Marcus is waiting for me to start crying for no reason at all…you know at a commercial or just something silly. I bought him a Father-to-Be book and it warns him of this. So here I am released from my infertility doctor, tapering off all my meds and scheduled to see my regular Ob/Gyn. On Monday I will be officially off all the infertility meds. I did have another ultrasound today, but we did not leave with anymore pictures. I was just happy to see our baby again!!! As of right now I think it is a Boy…I think I saw something on the ultrasound today (but it could have been anything). He/She was moving all around and of course is so cute, looked like he/she has long legs to me. More positive things are also happening around our house…as of this month we will be paid up on our infertility loan (now time to start saving for baby)!!! I think this month calls for some celebration at the Kyler household!!!! Praise God for these many blessing and for providing for us to be in the place we are!

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